Gea Olympou, oak honey, 450g. Glass. 

Oak honey with wild oregano, wild mint, sage, gooseberry, thistle, basil and chestnut, collected by the bees at an altitude of about 900 meters with native and rich vegetation.

It's a dark honey, almost black. Very special aroma, varied and flavorful, but due to the low concentration of natural sugar - not too sweet.

Oak honey is one of the richest honeys with a strong antioxidant effect against free radicals and is characterized as honey with exceptionally high nutritional value. Rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sodium and enzymes that improve metabolism and the functions of vital organs.

A Greek honey from Olympus, the mountain of the gods.
This honey is relatively unknown to most consumers and everyone is fascinated when they have the opportunity to taste and love special and different honeys through tasting.

Crystallized from 6 to 12 months.

Gea Olympou, pine & wild blossom honey, 450g. Glass, Great Taste Award 2019!

GREAT TASTE AWARD for honey from Gea Olympou 2019! The Great Taste Awards are the largest and most trusted competition based in London. Over 500 well-known food critics, chefs, business people and journalists judge some of the best quality products in the world in a blind test. This year (2019) 12,772 products entered the competition, with less than 25% receiving an award. Among them the pine & wild blossom honey from Gea Olympou (Land of Olympus).

The honey was characterized by an attractive golden color, a perfect harmony between pine and wildflowers and an extremely full aftertaste. The collection of honey from different flowers and flavors gives us different types of honey with purely natural and authentic flavors.

"Thank you for your support and love over the years as we grow, develop, and get better." (Dimitris- the beekeeper).

Gea Olympou, pine honey, 450g. Glass

Pine honey is an excellent variety of Greek honey that comes from pine trees and is collected by transporting the bees into beautifully dense mountain pine forests.

The pine tree accounts for about 60% of the total honey production in our country. Depending on the time of harvest, it is light brown to dark brown with an excellent aroma, especially with a woody smell, wonderful taste, full and not too sweet.

Pine honey has high nutritional value due to the large number of different nutrients that coexist in its composition. Rich in trace elements (calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, etc.), which are rich in pine honey and low in natural sugar.

It is a honey of high nutritional value and highly tonic for the human body, with antimicrobial properties and antiseptic properties. Pine honey, natural, special and very popular.

It slowly crystallizes.

Gea Olympou, wild blossom honey, 450g. Glass

This honey is collected by the bees from the Νectar of flowers and the trees from the rich, diverse and unique flora of Mount Olympus during their flowering period.

It has a light, golden color, from light yellow to brown or even reddish, depending on the plant origin.

The honey is particularly aromatic and fruity, the taste is soft, full and sweet.

This natural, high-quality honey with its tonic, antiseptic and antioxidant properties is a natural source of energy as it contains all the nutrients necessary for a balanced daily diet.

It crystallizes faster than other honeys.

Gea Olympou, heather honey, 450g. Glass

The honey of the autumn heather comes from one of the most important bee plants in Greece, the heather or common heather (Calluna vulgaris).

Heather honey is obtained from the nectar of the heather and is a flower honey. It is a honey with a strong, full-bodied and slightly salty, characteristically delicate aroma and a reddish or red-brown color with a "buttery" light texture that leaves a pleasant feeling in the mouth.

Heather honey is considered to be one of the best honeys. It is a honey of high nutritional value and especially stimulates the human body.

It is rich in bee pollen and silicon, barium and boron as well as dozens of natural nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. Heather honey has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, with an emphasis on the urinary and digestive systems.

It helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels. Research has shown that heather honey is high in phenols, which aid and prevent aging and improve overall health.

Due to its high natural glucose content, it crystallizes between 1 to 3 months.

Crystallization is a natural phenomenon, a natural change, but also evidence of natural, pure and unprocessed honey and has no influence on the nutritional and biological value of honey. It can be restored to its original state with mild warming (water bath).

In recent years its nutritional value has been greatly appreciated and is a very special and excellent honey for young and old.