Traditional Olive Soap, white

Traditionally produces white olive soap from the island Lesbos (GR) Every soap is pure handwork! Package content: 4 pieces (950 grams), hand-cut, in bag

Olive Soap, green, 2 x 100 gr.

Olive soap, green, 2 x 100 gr. from the island Lesbos

VIOS, Fleur de Sel – Sea Salt, 260gr.

VIOS, Fleur de Sel – sea salt flakes 260 gr in glass from Krete. (prefecture of Chania)

Water-saving -Shower

Our Advice to you: Convert your Shower! Did you know that approximately 70% of the complete German population showers approximately three-hundred times per year for longer than six minutes? These consumers pay about 16 billion Euros for heating and water for their showering. If all these consumers would convert their showers to economizing shower heads, about 5 billons Euros could be saved for the consumption for heating and water. Thereby the complete energy consumption in Germany could be reduced by 1.5 % Experience how pleasantly water saving could be. This shower head offers full showering accommodation through modern stream techniques deriving from the water vortex research. Enjoy the satin-soft and oxygen enriched active water stream. A shower delight with warm water drops like during a warm summer rain.